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Book Launch: “Things Fall Apart: The Centre Cannot Hold”

Submitted by Editor2 on 10 November 2023

As the anticipation builds for the imminent Lagos Book and Art Festival, scheduled just three days from now, the top 5 finalists of the ZODML Poetry Challenge in collaboration with five creative minds from Ireland, are gearing up for the launch of a literary marvel inspired by the timeless work of WB Yeats' 'The Second Coming'.

The finalists Saheed Sunday, Chidiebere Nwuguru Sullivan, Lenient Amidu, Jerry-Adesewo Adetola, and Seyi Ojenike, all students enrolled in Nigerian public tertiary institutions, not only clinched victory at the prestigious ZODML Poetry Prize, but their journey with ZODML has extended beyond accolades to include prominent national platforms like the Quramo Festival, LIPFEST and LABAF.

At this prestigious event, the Irish Embassy will be launching Things Fall Apart: The Centre Cannot Hold, a collaborative work of poetry between young writers from Nigeria and Ireland.
The collection of contemporary Irish and Nigerian voices inspired by the legacy of William Butler Yeats will be presented to the public on Nov 14 at Lagos Book and Art Festival. The book launch promises to showcase the vibrant and contemporary perspectives of both Nigerian and Irish voices, all inspired by the profound legacy of WB Yeats' 'A Second Coming'. A compilation of 10 short poems, masterfully crafted by the aforementioned five young Nigerian talents and their five Irish counterparts, forms the heart of this literary endeavour.

The collection is commissioned by the Irish Embassy Nigeria and published by Quramo Publishing. The event itself will be curated with finesse by Aduke Gomez, the esteemed editor of this forthcoming collection and one of the judges of the ZODML Poetry Challenge. Don't miss this rendezvous with creativity and cross-cultural collaboration, as these burgeoning wordsmiths weave their narratives into the tapestry of contemporary literature. We hope to see you at LABAF on Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 to celebrate a great legacy and welcome the voices of a new era.